The company

The history of the city of Vigo is inevitably linked to the development of its port, and today it is one of the most important fishing enclaves in the world due to its excellent situation and its important industry.

FERGOFRESCO was born as a new brand in Vigo after years of experience in the fish marketing sector. We supervise and manage the product in its entirety, since for us the fundamental thing is the quality of the product (arrival at port, purchase, transformation and freezing). Our products are subject to  continuous controls.

We buy the fish at auctions along the Galician and Portuguese coast and in recent years also in the main Moroccan ports giving our customer a greater continuity of pelagics. We are committed to quality, freshness, flavor and sustainability to ensure our customers receive the best fish available.

About us

Marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen fish

Capture and processing of all types of fish and cephalopods


C/ Uruguay, 8 - 2º Oficina 4
36201 - Vigo - Pontevedra
T: +34 986 913 044
F: +34 986 911 510

Project co-financed by the Igape, Xunta de Galicia and European Fund for Regional Development of the 2014-2020 operational program.